How does the United Way impact the community?

All that we do at the Suwannee Valley United Way can be broken down into three categories- community health, education, and financial stability. 

Can my contribution help individuals in other communities?

Absolutely, if you designate your contribution to a program outside our community.

What are the community contributions of United Way support agencies?

Last year United Way’s Agencies helped many in Columbia, Hamilton, Lafayette, and Suwannee Counties.

In 2020-2021, United Way agencies spent over 8 million dollars ($8,236,274) in services to the Suwannee Valley service area.

What are the administrative cost?

The administrative expenses for United Way of Suwannee Valley in FY 2021-2022 were 7%, including salaries and supplies. We work to ensure administrative costs are low. Most employees are compensated through grant funding, so no donated dollars are used.

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