Leading For Tomorrow Leadership Conference

Leading For Tomorrow Leadership Conference

We have important private-public partnerships in the Suwannee Valley region, with excellent staff members and dedicated volunteers. The programs and services provided help develop and enrich our communities in numerous ways, enhancing the quality of life for many individuals and families. Our community would be a very different place if not for the work and support of these partnerships.

The world is rapidly changing. Funding sources are a moving target, technology is fast-paced and challenging, volunteer and employee recruitment and retention requires special time and skills. This is happening while the need for services continues to grow. Professional development opportunities are available in other parts of Florida and tend to be expensive and time-consuming.

Recognizing the importance of these opportunities, the current challenges in this area and the desire for local training, the United Way of Suwannee Valley is convening this Conference to promote leadership and capacity building for our local partnerships. This year we will bring to our community the Third Annual Leading for Tomorrow Leadership Conference. This event will be for leaders, staff members, board members, community volunteers, and interested citizens from both the public and private sector.

Workshops planned throughout the day to enhance skills in Parliamentary Procedures, as well as, Overall Leadership and Organizational Capacity Building. Well known presenters will hold hands-on training and summit participants can network with local service providers and businesses.

Whether you are associated with a business, community service agency, church, government entity, school, civic club, or another local service agency, we encourage you to attend this event. Call the United Way of Suwannee Valley to support this event today – 386-752-5604.


Thursday February 27, 2025, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Florida Gateway College Wilson S. Rivers Media Center, Rm 102
149 SE College Place, Lake City, FL 32025

United Way of Suwannee Valley
871 SW State Road 47, Lake City, FL 32025
386-752-5604, ext. 115

Leading for Tomorrow
Leadership Conference

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